Hey i throw a sega chat meeting every saterday....

If you feel like chating with some fello SEGA fans like me "no Sh!t" stop by my Little site every saterday around 3 :00 pm eastern USA time!


I have links 2 other great SEGA sites with Patitions tring 2 get more SEGA games put out but we need people 2 sign them.

I'm not telling you 2 leave tthis site and come 2 mine "because trust you/me it's not like this" just a place 2 CHAT LIVE witrh other FAN's.

use'es Voice chat also and works with DC's I don't know about the Voice with the DC's thow

maybe if u have the 3.0 browser i'll have 2 check mine ???

Pleas if your going 2 come there sign up early that way you can get there on time!

TY for your time!