Hi-Saturn problems with 4meg games

Just tried xmen vs sf and vampire saviour on my hi saturn using the official 4 meg card, but had bad luck. With xvssf, it loads and shows the demo playing fine, but if I press start I get a black screen. With vamp sav, I get the as far as the capcom logo and then a blank screen. And if the cart is not plugged in, both games tell me the message that I need to plug in the cart. Is the hi saturn incompatible with the 4meg cart or something? The cart and games seem to work fine on my white saturn.
Have you ever sucessfully used any other cart in the Hi-Saturn?

I've never heard of any incompatabilty, but I know bugger all about Hi-Saturns.
No, I don`t have any other carts (not with me now anyway). Actually, I have one unknown, unlabeled saturn cart and I don`t know what the hell it does. I`ve only tried it on the Hi-Saturn so far, but I guess I`ll try it on my white saturn to see if it does anything. But in the meantime, if anyone knows anything about the Hi-Saturn and 4meg games, please post.
I know 3 types of Memory carts:

- The SNK 4 Mb

- The Capcom 4 Mb

- The Action Replay 4 Mb (Or the 4 in 1)

The list of compatibility are in this website:

Sega saturn collection

(In the dossiers link, "Jeux nécessitant une carte mémoire". The dossier is in frenc, but is easy to understand)

BUT IF YOU HAVE THE Action Replay there is a modification for some games like Vampire saviour or D&D S.O.M. Learn how to do it in:

El Portal. How to make a modification in A.R.

(It is in Spanish)
Originally posted by ElKeSaBe@Apr 28, 2003 @ 09:58 AM

I know 3 types of Memory carts:

- The SNK 4 Mb

SNK is 1MB!
Nope, got it used at a Recyle Shop (that`s what Pawn Shops are called in Japan). Which carts are known to mess with the Saturn? In the past I`ve used the 4in1 and the Interact Memory card on a different Saturn without problems
Some carts are 'thicker' than others. I've got an AR+ like that.

My brother was a little forceful with it and fucked up a Saturn.
I just gotta butt in here... I could be full of it again, but... this nagging voice in the back of my head claims to have heard of a compatibility issue with Hi-Saturns and 4MB carts before... perhaps Google will bring the answer... of course if that's really what it is, I can only hope there's a workaround as well.... And remember, my standard disclaimer applies here, I may be wrong, don't take my word for it...
Update- I went and got a save game cart and it works on my Hi-Saturn. It really doesn`t make sense to me that Xmen vs SF would only partially work unless there is some incompatibility with HiSats and 4 meg carts. The demo plays and the characters are fighting, so obviously the cart IS being used.
I have had this problem with my saturns before, and it is caused usually by the cart itself being stuffed. Try washing the terminals with some metho or something, as well try putting the cart in and then removing it by just a fraction, sometimes this can work.

About incompatability, as long as it is an official cart (the skeleton blue one) then you shouldnt have much trouble. I know that i have had heaps of trouble with 3rd party carts not working (eg Saturn Satelite only works on my pal model 1 machine, not my model 2 jap machine)
I dunno, I tried a another message board where there are a lotta import gamers. One guy had second hand information that Hi Saturns have problems with ram carts, but works with the 3rd party ones. But I still don`t have a definite answer, and unfortunately my 4 in 1 is half a world away sitting in a box so I can`t test for myself