Hidden game on Game Genie

Ok. I am probably the last person to figure out that there was a hidden mini game on the game genie. And I actually discovered it by accident by just keeping the genies plugged into each other for storage space. Duh. But anyway, here is my question:

It requires connecting one genie to another. How many people back in the day would have had two game genies? It seems pretty obscure to put the effort into programing a whole new game. I am sure it was inspired by the hidden game on the Master System, which I also didn't find until 10 years later.

How many of you actually discovered this trick back in the 90's? It couldn't have been many.

I´d never heard about that! Cool!


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Hehe, this is news to me. That's pretty awesome, is it a maze game? Too bad I only have one game genie.
April 1, 2003, my April Fool's Day joke was foiled by you meddling kids. On that day, I vowed revenge on this can't-be-fooled group.

Plugging to genies together produced nothing but a blank screen. No damage, no hidden-game. So, confess. How many finally fell for the practical joke?

I had close to 200 victims last time.
Originally posted by snume@Jun 13, 2003 @ 09:35 PM

Doesn't an April fools joke have to be made on April 1??

That's the trick. They foiled my April 1st joke... so this was a SNEAK ATTACK!