Honey bee converter


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I need an adapter and I've seen a couple of these. Just wondering how they compare to the others on the market before I wade in with the cash..
It depends what kind of adapter you're looking for.

The Honey Bee converter is just a simple plug-through adapter, so you can plug Japanese Mega Drive cartridges into a European Mega Drive or US Genesis cart slot. (You can just as easily file the edges of the cartridge slot to get the larger Jap carts to fit - it's a lot neater that way.)

What this adapter does *not* do is get around the territory protection on later (post-1992) releases. You need something like a Mega Key adapter, or switches fitted to the console itself, to do that.

OK, that's what I needed to know. So if I fit the 50hz/60hz switch I'll be OK with all the games, right? I'm a bit out of touch with my Mega Drive after all these years..
Cool.. To be honest, I'm only doing it so as I can play the US versions of Contra and Castlevania, the European versions are pretty watered down I've heard. Thanks for clearing it up for me!
If you have an Action Replay or Game Genie cart, I could probably find codes to defeat the territory protection on those games.
Thanks, I might have a look around for one. I've only just got a new Megadrive after about 8 years without so I'm just weighing up the options really. I read on Gamefaqs that there was actually an adapter released which had the 50/60 and language switches on the back. I'm guessing they're pretty scarce now, if they even exist at all, as that's the only place I've seen them mentioned.
had one when I was in Israel .. I wish I brought it with me .. it looked cool and had a switch on the back .. Japan, USA, Europe .. and one more .. didnt know for what.

I first tried it with european Toy Story that didnt work on my Gen .. the adapter worked great.