House of the Dead is back !!!


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Sega To Begin Testing House Of The Dead Scarlet Dawn This Friday

Fans of Sega’s House Of The Dead franchise have long been clamoring for a new entry in the franchise but it has remained mostly dormant since House Of The Dead 4 launched in 2006. There was the Overkill port to consoles in 2009 and the odd House Of The Dead EX arcade release that stuck to Japan; there was also the recent Darts of the Dead game that was available on Sega’s Darts Live boards just for Oct. 2017. I’m guessing the latter really was a hint of things to come.

After a 12 year wait, Sega’s signature zombie franchise is rising from it’s grave with the location test announcement for House Of The Dead Scarlet Dawn. The game begins testing in Akihabara, Japan this Friday, where the test will run through next Sunday. The company has launched a special website to promote the location test, which also includes some screenshots of the game. At the moment, this appears to be a title that is exclusive to arcades.

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