SEGA World Drivers Championship 2018


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Developers are always working on something new and in the case of Sega, you can usually assume that more than one arcade racing game is in development at the company. They have a long history of supporting the genre, at times offering a few different takes on driving styles at the same time (back in 2009 I recall there being Hummer, Sega Racing Championship, Race TV and R-Tuned all available for purchase).

Hot on the heels of Daytona Championship USA, Sega has a new driving arcade game on its way by the name of SEGA World Drivers Championship 2018. This new arcade racing game offers a style of racing that we have infrequently seen in recent years, an attempt to simulate realistic Super GT racing. Developed by Sega Japan, the official teaser website states the following in regards to SWDC

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Lets hope its any good, I haven't been impressed by their arcade offerings lately.