How do I make backups of MY PCE Duo games?

Hi, I already searched the threads all around the forums but didn't found this (or got bored and my eyes went tired of reading

I have a PCE Duo R (yes, it looks weird, a DUO in white with no stereo output) and got a nice list of stuff including Macross 2036.

The games are in Pristine condition and I really don't want to mess it and make scratches on them. I tried to make a regular backup using Nero, but the CDR wouldn't run in the PCE DUO
Keeps reading it and never boots :huh

Is there a special method to make backups of DUO CDs? Or it is just the lens that cannot read backups?

Again many thanks in advance.;act=SF;f=7

Try this site, it's a BBS. I once found a site where it gives instructions, but I forgot where it was. I've been having problems playing backups on my duo. BTW, where and how much did your duo r cost? Is there absolutely no stereo output or you don't have a cable for it? I know a duo in general can't output anything higher than composite, or so I've heard.
Thanks for the link I'll give it a try.

I bought it at eBay recently, 12 games incl. Macross 2036 MINT, about US$200 + shipping. :devil

Nope, it does NOT have a stereo jack at all, only the streo AV RCA Output. I do have all the cables needed and I have played on it both DUO games and Music CDs. It doesn't recognize the backup at all.

I read at gamefaqs that the PCE DUO R was a step-down DUO in order to cut cost, they took the Stereo jack and the RF Switch output.
I generally just use either Disk Juggler or Clone cd for PC Engine games. You can just use the default setting. Also don't use crappy CDRs liek Memorex. I generally stick with TDK or Verbatim CDRs. As long as you copy the cds right they should play fine on a system. I've even had a Duo before that had a weak laser and it would still play copies fine.
Just for reference, the traditionally respected CD-R manufacturers are (in no particular order):

Taiyo Yuden



Mitsubishi Chemical (Verbatim)

Kodak (not in the market anymore, but maybe you can still find some)


Hint: if it says "Made in Taiwan", ignore the brand; chances are 90%+ that it's cheap crap from CMC Magnetics.

edit: forgot one
Tried Nero and... nope

Tried Easy CD Creator and... nope

CDRWin doesn't recognize my DVD-RW

Clone CD neither...

I'm using a Pioneer DVD-RW 104 and Sony 700Mb light blue CDR...

Is here something wrong?
Hmm, you know, it could be that your duo has a weak laser like mine. I think originals will work fine with the duo. I've heard of a lot of people having probs with running backups on the duo.

Here's a suggestion: can you open up your duo? I had to use a gamebit 4.5mm bit to open mine, but yours could be different. Anyway, I found a way to "push" my cd closer to the laser: I can get DracX running on it, but as with all backups soundtracks skip and go off completely midstage so that kinda blows. If you can't open your duo, try turning it upside down. I personally don't like doing that, but if you're desperate, it's worth a shot.
You tried messing with the aspi stuff for cdr-win? It never detects mine until I play with getting the aspi drivers installed and all that. Once you do get cdrwin working however, it's good stuff
Tried the ASPI and nothing

The DVD-RW is not listed...

I will try to fix the laser and see if I can do anythnig

It reads the CDR, then it loops and keeps reading and reading...

BTW the PCE DUO has also gamebit screws
Nope, it does NOT have gamebit screws after all. I recently bought a gamebit screwdriver and it´s not the same...

It's a round screw with a star and a point in the middle... Similar to the screws on the GameCube Controllers but with more tips

Anyone knows where can I find the opening tool? :blink:
Does it look like this?


If so, that's security torx. It shouldn't be too hard to find one that fits.
Have you tried Fire burner? It's the only program I can use to burn them (old burner + win98se). For ripping cdr-win works for me.
It could be that you're using $ony CD-Rs ;) :lol:

Haha, just poking fun at $ony like I always do any chance I get. Disregard this post. I've never used $ony CD-Rs, but since I dislike $ony so much, I just had to do it. :cheers
for those who wonder it, It is a T10T Security Torx Screwdriver that is needed to open a PCE DUO R.

I opened the PCE DUO, then "lifted" the laser lens (carefuly) -closed it blah blah blah- No disc did spin, not even the Originals. Maybe I did it wrong, I'll try it later.

Reopened, retired the "Lifter", closed it blah blah blah All disk run but backups enter ina loop and do not start ever

Burned a coy using Clone CD at a sluggisch 1X- Disk was not recognized.

A pal burned me a copy of Dracula X in a Black face Samsung CD-R-- loop rutine, never to start...

Laser lens is dark blue... running smoothly...

What is wrong???