How do I run Sega CD games with Emulator???

Hey, I got a bunch of Sega CD games (original cds) from a long time ago... but my Sega CD console is broken! So I decided I'd try to play it on the computer. I got gens, kega, and ages... but neither seem to work, I'm probably doing something wrong. I got the Sega 32X Bios Files (32X_G_BIOS, M, & S), and the Sega CD Bios Files (us_scd1_9210, jp, and eu) and put them in the correct directories. I put my CD in and clicked "boot from cd rom" in the file menu. It didn't work. On Kega, I got the Sega CD main screen to pop up, but that's about it. Please help!!!

Summary: I got Sega 32X Bios Files, Sega CD Bios Files, with original Sega CD games, tried to "boot from cd rom" and it didn't work. What do I do???


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Try getting a program called "forceASPI" and installing that. Your problem could be that the emulators aren't detecting your CDROM.
Wait... It works, but... For some reason it constantly shows a red light on the bottom and takes forever to load. What's that all about?
I did what you said "perfect synch" and it didn't change anything...

Is there another solution?

Oh yeah by the way my CD doesn't have any scracthes or anything.