how do u get doyle in sotha

I went back to the ninja village and the guy said doyle

left to look for u, well were is he?i got all of the sacared items
To quote the Shining the Holy Ark Hint Guide from SaturnWorld:

...remember to head back to Far East Village to talk to the elder.

Then head to Desire Village to pick up Doyle. He's the new tree at the far right end of the town. Then go back to Enrich Castle and talk to the king and Sabato. They'll open up the the doorway to Mirage Village.

Hope this helps.
I'm pretty sure you have to finish the Tower of Illusion before you can return to Enrich Castle. I'm not 100% sure as I don't have a saved game from before finishing the Tower.

However, someone in the Church of Zod (?)tells you that once you have undergone 'Evolution' (finished the Tower) you can return to normal time/space.