How does one SELL a genesis?

I have a nifty little genesis 2 I want to give a good home.

How can I sell it and still make it worth the time and effort. They are selling on EvilBay for like $4. That doesn't even make up for the packaging to mail it!

I am sick of storing all these precious things for an ungrateful future. Someday you're going to want this stuff!!! I've already started throwing away my genesis black cart boxes because i have no room to store them. It hurts.


Really! A single gen controller sells for more than a complete gen system with console, controllers, and a game cart!

it is like trying to give away kittens...
Put is up on our BST boards

Maybe offer a trade...

You may get something else you like in return for a decent deal
As Racketboy mentioned... there is a board for that here.

I would buy it off you buy I already have 2 Genesis', it probably will sell on the boards here though. If you're selling anything else I wouldn't mind seeing so post here now

I just guessed that everyone who comes to this board already owns a Genesis 2.

How much do you think I should charge for it? What's the value?
Well MegaDrive 1's go for about £20 over here... and they are considered the better ones.

Your a little out if luck with a Genesis 2 really, no-one want's 'em, they all look for Genesis 1 or Nomad.

I'd say you could clear it out for £15 if you tried.

Sorry for the lack of $$$, I've never used a dollar in my life so I don't know the value.