How good are DVD Burners at burning CDs


I was just wondering...

If I get a DVD Burner, should I still have a CD burner in the machine.

I've heard that CD Burners do a better job w/ CDs.

I don't care about speed though. I usually only burn at 8X.


Modern DVD burners should write CDs fine. The LG GSA-4040B is an inexpensive multimode burner that I have heard good things about. 24/16/32X CD r/rw/read speeds, which for a DVD burner isnt bad. Average DVD burning speeds, 4X for DVD+/-R, 2.4X for DVD+RW, 2X for DVD-RW, reads at 12X (but apparently rips DVDs pretty fast). Also has DVD-RAM support, writes those at 3X.

Its biggest advantage? Price. By a mile, and then some. I've seen this baby online for around $130-140. Newegg has it for $140 including shipping, looks like. Remember that the DVD+ standard has some technical advantages over the DVD- standard, BUT that DVD- is often compatible with more standalone DVD players. So having a dual-mode drive is a must, as nobody in the industry seems too damned concerned with picking a standard...
I haven't tried burning a cd on my dvd burner yet, mainly because my actual cd burner is much faster, however as I understand it, there should be no problem with burning cd's in a dvd burner that supports burning cd's.