how i can make work SCDCONV??

hi ya, thanx for read this(....if someone is really reading this..)

how i can make work the segacd convert

because i dont know

what i have to do to convert a iso

in yhe misc section says something like

usage: open a dos promp and type ''scdconv isoname''

what is this

please help
That means:

1) You open an MS-DOS prompt from within Windows.

2) You change to the directory in which you have stored both the iso/bin file and the SCDCONV.exe program and it's associated files.

3) You type scdconv isoname.iso/bin, where isoname.iso/bin is the full file name of file you want to convert.

You can alternatively do this through the "run" command on the start bar with some thing like:

d:gamessoniccdscdconv soniccd.iso

Obviously replacing the drive names/directories and iso names with your own.

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thanx for the help


now i know how make it work

but when i try to convert and error message appears and say that couldnt find the file (the iso)

i put the iso in the same directory of the scdconv

so ...whats wrng now
I used to get those errors too. You have to rename your ISO file so there is no spaces in it. So if you had Sonic CD.iso you would rename it to SonicCD.iso or something like that.
...or use the MS-DOS naming convention that shortens long file names or file names with spaces to the first six letters plus a "~1". For example, if the file is called Sonic CD.iso, it becomes sonicc~1.iso.

Also if you are doing this from the "run" command, put everything in double quotes and it'll work.


"c:program filesgamessonic cdscdconv sonic cd.iso"