how many people

How many of you here just cook things in a pot then use the pot for your dish? I just cooked bockworst and brought the pot of boiling water in my room with a hot pad, tossed the hot pad down on my desk and put the pot on it, then just started eating.
I do that also. Straight from the pan is the only way to eat.
Right on, guys. I always do that if there's no one around to eat the rest of it. Is this just a guy thing, or do women do it too?
...It's not like topics like these draw them in. Who knows why Cyn and Cecilia still stick around.

After all the complaining about spam threads, more proliferate. Who woulda thunk it.
If it's something quick. like some Boyardee or something, yeah I'll eat it out of the pot. Love them ravioli.
I do, if I'm the last or only person to eat the food. like Ramen noodles, or Macaroni and beef from a can. when you wash the dishes, you tend to save yourself a few dishes here and there when you can.
i think asking whether or not men eat exclusively out of the pan is like asking whether or not men exclusively use the toilet w/out lifting the seat first

btw. eating straight out of the pot fucking rocks, especially for mac 'n' cheese

ramne though, you don't really nead to eat out of the pan as it will come out fine if you simply pour boiling water over a bowl containing your noodles
to each his own. obviously, if other people will be using the pot later, it is not a good idea to eat directly out of it, unless you wash it when you finish.

otherwise, it's fine either way.
Now that you mention it, I'm not really sure why I come here =p

Otherwise, um. No. I will eat out of the BOWL that I microwave something in but... I tend to eat things that are a little more complex than say, macaroni and cheese. I'm not saying I DON'T eat mac and cheese and I will definately dump ALL of it from the pan into a bowl....

I HAVE been known to drink from the jug/carton of something but I don't have the mad boy-skillz NOT to spill it on me so I don't do that often. Last time I was in a hurry and all sexified to go see a hot boy and dumped red kool-aid all down the front of my WHITE shirt... I don't make a habit of drinking from the jug/carton stuff. If I get takeout or whatever, I usually don't even eat it from the box it comes in.

Besides, I'm all about the PRESENTATION of food.
It's gotta look good for me to eat it. Boys included.

i'm sorry but i rarely drink from the jug or eat from the pan its just i dunno i like to make the food i cook look delicious b4 i eat it. hehehe chef's training kicks in.