how to tell which saturn?


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firstly, hey guys i'm new here! :thumbs-up:

secondly... i opened up my saturn, and from all the pics i've seen mine looks a lil different. the lens cable is flipped. so i'm not sure what to do

and if they can be modded?

thanx guys
Speaking of different saturns, has anyone seen one with a board with wires soldered to the main board? Just region modded a saturn a couple weeks ago that had this little board soldered to the top of the mainboard with some wires. Digital camera wasn't handy so I didn't take a picture, but I've never seen one like it before.


dongoku, if the ribbon cable has a couple of folds in it, then you've got a CD board with the 64 pin IC. Most (if not all) mods available at present won't work with your Saturn. However, someone posted recently that Lan-Kwei (?) were working on a 64 pin compatable mod...

Scared0o0Rabbit, that sounds like a Sanyo CD board with the 'PC trap'. AFAIK, only Mike G has had any luck installing a modboard in one of those lately.
Sounds like it maybe, but isn't. The cd board was a 32pin ic board. If you beg thailees for some pics you may be able to get him to take some if you want to see, being that it's his saturn and it's back in his hands.