How to transfer data to a saturn

Is it possible?

I have a EMS 4 in 1, but no commlink card. What I'm looking to do is to transfer some saves from my saturn and hack them. I can't get a commlink card because I don't have an isa slot on my machine. Can a netlink do what I want? thanks.
You'd need to hack together some other kind of interface. There is a parallel port <-> Commslink adapter designed by FreeWing, and I think their Saturn comms program (SSLINK? Not sure that's the name but it's something like that) supports it. It needs several logic circuits - two 8-bit latches, a 7474, and an 8-to-4 multiplexer if I'm not mistaken, as well as several diodes (this supports a standard parallel port; the design could probably be simplified for a PS2/ECC/EPP mode port). My connection is acting up a bit at the moment, but a google search for "PAR_HARD" should turn up several sites with the schematic package.
different thing: how does the saturn boot from cd? i can't afford a commlink card or whatever and was wondering about how to load a binary from cd... the point is that i haven't made that much experience in saturn-programming yet and without the cance to run anything i won't be able to test my code as emulators aren't good enough for now.
You should try to get in touch with Charles Doty, as he made a CD-bootable version of his Shooting Clays game. The file the Saturn loads on startup is the first in the root directory of the CD (usually named 00something so build scripts insert it first), but you have to build your own IP.BIN and I'm not sure as to what you have to put in there.
It should work just fine to use the ip.bin from Sporting Clays, which can be found at Charles Doty's Saturn dev site. You just need to make sure that the binary you want to load is the first file on the disc, and the standard IP bootloader loads it to 06004000.