Hu, funky discovery ^o^

Well, I was looking around my game CD's with my wonderfull tools, and I found a couple of funny things...

This you got no real talent? That your game will suck due to your lack of skills making artwork? If so, gaze at this beta Now Loading screen left in the DoA CD :


Eww, they let the coders mess with Photoshop. I hope we was punished and put back in his corner.


This looks better, eh? Remember kids, code well _and_ get a decent design crew :p

Inside the SF3 Scenario 1 CD, a weird but familliar screen awaits us :


And if that's not enough, there's japanese writing at the end of this :


*EDIT : huu, UBB code typos*

(Edited by TakaIsSilly at 11:05 pm on Oct. 19, 2001)
Wow, that first pic of the DOA loading screen... that is just pain. Blue and red? Ugly. I can imagine what the guy was thinking... "I CAN USE THE GRADIENT EFFECT!!!"