I am now very, very scared...

There have already been a few made-for-tv pacman movies that haven't actually been all that bad. What i don't get is most kids don't even know what pacman IS nowadays (damn fallstaff's old is rubbing off on me) and if they have heard of it they think it was the first videogame ever made! Serously they think that. Also most kids under the age of 13 belive that 2600 was the first home console ever. Sad sad... I really have no idea who they would be marketing this movie to given those circumstances...
LIVE ACTION Pacman??????


This I have to see.

And you all thought the Mario Bros. movie was bad....

This will make Street Fighter the Movie look like it deserves an acadmy award
Street Fighter would have been cool if they stuck to the Capcom story better -- and gave Guile a proper hair-do
yeah and maybe if they gave him you know like a sonic boom or flying back kick that woulda been cool.
Just hope that Jean-Claude comes back for a street fighter sequel (or Capcom vs. SNK)
, this time around they might be able to cg in the special effects.
Originally posted by Gallstaff@Nov. 05 2002, 7:16 pm

yeah and maybe if they gave him you know like a sonic boom or flying back kick that woulda been cool.

He did do a flying kick, didn't he?

It' wasn't really a flash kick, but it was something unhuman
Well if they did make a sequel (god, please don't) they would need a new Bison since good 'ol Raul Julia isn't with us anymore. It was just comical the way they had to get every damn character in the movie someway, somehow, no matter what the hell they were supposed to be.
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To this day, I still have not seen Street Fighter the movie. Surprised?

Lucky man.[/b][/quote]

I have yet to play the Saturn incarnation of this movie as well.
"Presenting... streetfighter the game the movie the game the book the music the movie the cardgame the movie the book the game!"
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Why would you make a video game version of a movie that is a movie version of a video game?!

??? ??? ???

Capcom's attempt to wring a title (and game engine) dry. The game wasn't very good either.
i can picture both being quite good. Crazy taxi souonds like a very interesting concept to work with. I'm guessing it'll be more about the actual taxi company or the charecters or both than about them going around picking up passengers. Like empire records (is that the movie?) that was a good movie... yeah it'll probably be something like that.