I found the issue in winmx!

I looked closer. Rem we all see "make secondary connection" Well I never payed attention to it till now... what it is is that OTHER USERS use YOUR PC and Bandwitdh to do their searches and all that! This ALSO uses your PC cpu power. SOOO. Either turn your mode to secondary (And I dont know if thats better...) or change to a lower "connection" speed and allow less in. Or you still can set winmx to be below normal for the cpu time. But boom. See if that info helps.

(Odd that it NOW finally works... I bet that is one of the "Major network fixes" they talk about.. they finally got it working right...)
myst that could be why i had no idea what you were talking about. My computer can't make a direct connection to the servers or somethign like that so winmx is always in that secondary connection mode on my computer(i never feelt like maping out a route for the ports that it uses for i can make a primary connection).
Yea.. well seems Winmx FIXED the issue and NOW it works as it should... using your pc for others... I dont mind that when im NOT doing anything... I wonder if I can change while dling...
If you've got a primary connection, you get more search hits though