I got an amiga32 finally

is there anyone here with any games for this system, All I got for it is Surf Systems and well its not very good.....is there any cool games for this system? If so anyone wanna throw an FTP my direction with games for this thing? I would appreciate it, I cant imagine the games on this sytem being 32 bit after seeing this game i have!! Man genesis even looked better.
A lot of the games for it are just ports of old Amiga stuff from the late 80's early 90's. I know a few people who have some games, I'll see if I can snag some for ya.
cool thanks, Im getting Soccer Kid right now from someone at 2.5 kbs
but better than nothing, Soccer Kid was fun on 3DO hope its good on the Amiga 32.
What is the BEST game on the system..2d and 3d...Please let me know, do any games have FMV?? I traded my FZ-1 3DO for it, was it a good trade?
I haven't really played CD32 that much. A friend of mine used to be a Commodore fanatic and he had one. I'm not sure about the FMV, but as far as trading an FZ-1 3D0 for it, I'd say you got the better end of the deal. In my collecting experience, the CDI and CD32 are much harder to find at a reasonable price than a 3D0. Pretty much everything on a 3D0 is on CDI anyway.
hmmm intresting....did cdi have Night Trap, Sewer Shark, Supreme Warrior, Strahl, Dragons Lair, Space Ace, Braindead 13, Super SF2 X, Crash n Burn , Escape From Monster Manor, Daedlaus Encounter, ShockWave, Samurai Shodown, and other Awesome 3DO games!! If so, then I gotta get a CDi now!!
Thanks for the info!!
It had Dragon's Lair and Space Ace, as for the other games, I don't think so, maybe Braindead 13. Oh it also had Dragon's Lair 2 and it had the Mad Dog series. If anything, I'd think the CDi would be worth getting to check out Hotel Mario and the 3 Zelda games.
well since Im a BIG Don Bluth fan Ill get it simply because its got Space Ace and the Dragons Lair games...damn Don can really draw super nice!!
Love his work hardcore!! and I guess the Mad Dog Games are cool to does the CD-i have a game gun like the 3DO? If so the mad dog games are a must get.......I remember a game called Voyer (I mispelled it) its supposed to be the best adult title for CD-i....alot of people compared it to NeuroDancer on 3DO.....Does anyone in here have that cd-i game or is it impossible to find?
One thing I will say thats superb about this Amiga32CD player is it sounds incredible with cds and cd+gs Its the clearest sound Ive heard , maby even clearer than the Duo!! It sounds Incredible in surround!! and it plays CD+MIDI? What the hell whould that be? hehehe I have CD+Gs but not CD+MIDIs? I havent gotten to play many games yet, just 1 game and its sh!tty but the colors are really nice on the system startup screen, looks kinda like what neo geo cdz does.
neat system overall, if not anything else its unique, It looks like a backwards genesis system with a turbo duo type of pop top that you lift up, wierd...I see why nobody knows about it though, good god if these control pads could look any worse then they would have Timmy from South Park as thier Mascot, thatsif this machine actually had a mascot like the other systems...I mean wtf is it supposed to look like a telephone reciever or something????? Oh and the control pads sticking outta the left side of the system is really spiffy too...LOL NO ladies and gentlemen this system has NO control ports in the front thier on the left side of the system , near the back of it even....LOL but still it does sound pretty damn great!! Cant wait to try soccer kid in about 40 min.
Voyeur was ok. There was a couple of scenes you wouldn't want to miss, but it could've been better. The coolest thing I noticed is that George Costanza's mother-in-law-to-be from Seinfeld is in it. There might be some other B actors in it, but I can't remember any. When I get DSL, (hopefully before the end of the month) I'll up it for you.

The Zeldas on the other hand need to be locked away and forgotten forever. Zelda and Link look like a couple of drag queens. Not to mention the framerate is about 10. I'll still up them for anybody that wants to take a look at the horror. I've never played Hotel Mario, so I can't comment on that one.

I think Dragon's Lair and Space Ace just recently came out on DVD.
cool I need to see Voyeur when you get dsl...until then I have 2 of the zeldas and I need the 3rd one...I dont have a cd-i yet, but when I do I need to see it...I saw commercials for it ages ago, and even back then I thought wtf is this crap!!
hehehe Oh and I think its a damn shame that I have the BEST AmigaCD32 CD game in existence!! But....its a euro game and filps outta control and its beginning studders like mad because of it...50hz sucks...anyone know a way to fix this...I wanna play this version of Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo!! The music is nice and the graphics (what I can make out anyways with it flipping like that..) look 3DO style....but the SFX are not all there like 3DOs, ie....electric sound in the beginning and voices like Hadoken seem to be gone as well....

SOMEONE help me figure out the 50-60 hrz thing on this game.
Its a great one!!
that doesnt help the 50/60 hrz thing at all....is there any patches on the net for thisa damn system, or did I waste my time getting this thing, if everygame is going to roll outta control like this whats the point of having it?
This isn't much of a solution either, but try hooking it up to a monitor. Most monitors support PAL, and should easily be able to handle the 50/60 hrz problems.
hey, thats a very good idea!! I dont know why I didnt think of that??? Intresting theory.......hmmmmmm I wonder...
I would need to get my tv card in there again, but it might just work....Oh and Ive got like 50 Amiga CD 32 games now....I gotta say....this system is definately for hardcore gamers ONLY!! I personally accept it into my collection happily and enjoy it, but I think the average gamer out there wouldnt like it much, especially those of you who email me calling me stupid for loving the 3DO system so much....good lord if you dont like the 3DO dont bother with this console.
I might upload them to FTPs here on SX but I would need to have the info to the ftps to upload these hard to get games....until I get the info....I guess Ill keep downloading more AmigaCD32 games and testing out them on my system.
I think Im going to try to hack the games that are 50hrz and get them to be 60 hrz but its probablly not going to work or somebody would have done it by now most likely.....but who knows maby lady luck will be kind!
Whoever said that the CDi system was hard to get for a reasonable price certainly don't know where to look. A year ago i found a CDi system (Philips model 910) for $7.99 at a thrift store (I bought it and it works) and around that time I found another one (a more recent model) at another thrift store for $14.95 (Magnavox model 450) (I passed up because it had no AC adaptor and that adaptor would be very hard to find since the connection was like a telephone cord).
wtf?? Who was talking about the Phillips CDi ?? I was talking about the 3DO and the AmigaCD32.....not the CDi, and good for you the thrift stores aroud here carry nothing but pure garbage....I dont even go there...
Hey Fakk2...I'm glad you're enjoying the amiga cd32...

I totally love the 3d0 now...i just need to get some more games.

I guess I'm lucky cause near me there's thrift shops and pawn shops and swap meets that have some good stuff on occasion.

Now we have to get a CDI now..ehhhe...

My friend has one but its busted and only plays audio cds (he uses it only for that).

I will keep an eye out for some cdis...

In terms of televisions, I know that my brother's 27" Philips Magnavox can play a PAL game without rolling. I am definitely not saying to buy one, I am just saying that if you have any friends or relatives that have a tv made by them, try it out to see if you get a stable image.