I got my first original rare(?) Saturn game

I went to a store which constantly gets new saturn games alot. I vaugly remember someone mention a game named Baroque so I saw it and got it. It is in perfect condition. I have no idea how much it goes for. The guy at the counter told me 2 people have returned the game and strongly recommended I don't buy it. Yet when i get home and try road rash, a game he said was good, it stops loading in the middle of the game. Anyway I think he was waiting to buy the game so he was mad I got it. so far all the reviews i read said it kicks ass so i guess ill play it now.
I went to GameStop in connecticut usa. Baroque cost 15$ and they none of the games are more than 15$. Most games are under 5$. They also have the Saturn accessories so i am making out good.
grrr.. none of the gamestops near me (there's at least 4 within 15 minutes) sells anything even remotely related to saturn. and their genny stuff are expensive! and they have some tengen nintendo carts there
gamestop/funcoland = barnes-nobles. all barnes-nobles employees (at least the one close to my house) get MAJOR discounts at gamestop. and they get 50% at the food court/cafe inside barnes-nobles.
Upload it somewhere, if u can. Its a rare game, many people want to get hands on it. Baroque is dream, i am lokiing it for so long time....
I have a cd-r copy of the game, but I havn't got the chance to play it yet. I got it from http://saturn.best.cd it might still be up for download, I can't check myself, the comp im using right now keeps re-directing me to yahoo for some reason.
I am rvddx i forgot my password. Anyway , I finally figured out how to copy saturn games so I could convert it for my us saturn. I wish I could find a faq in english but it seems as if you were to use cheats in the game you can beat it. I has nice sharp graphics and the sounds and graphics make you think why someone never thought about making a game like this before. All they needed to do was copy graphics from a famous surreal artist and copy screams and groans from famous horror movies. Bottom line it is a very good game it scared me one time when an angel game flying at me so so far so good.