I Just won a SS on Ebay with 9 games...but

i'll give the link if you want it

but 3 of them are imports and he said he does not a modhcip isntalled

i talked around and it seems those AR carts are unreliable, and the best choice is a region switch

where can i get info on this?
A modchip has nothing to do with imports. It only allows you to play CDRs or 'back ups' of games from the same region as the Saturn. You could always rip, convert and use the swap trick or a modboard.

I don't think that ARs are that unreliable. I've got two of them and both of them have worked fine for some time now. It is quite possible to get a dud one as I don't think the quality control on them is particularly great, but if you buy it locally (like NCSX or Gamegizmo in the US) you'd be able to easily exchange a dead one.

As for switches, try this page and this one too.