I may a little thick headed.....

As I stated, I may be a bit behind, but I noticed, as I was making my rounds to gaming stores today, that Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft all lowered the prices of their consoles to $199. Anyone else notice this?
nintendo started at 199. sony did the wise thing dropped their price to 199, and microsoft had to follow to stay competitive.

and i think they dropped the ps1 down to $50
If they haven't done so already, Nintendo should be dropping the gamecube to $149.99. HEard it on a news program the other day.
wow right on. maybe i can afford one now lol

those first prices they have are rediculous, like the advrage person cant afford a X-BOX at those prices unless they sell there soul to microsoft lol
You still gotta pay the same extra price for DVD playback on X-Box tho
which would be worth it if we didnt already play DVDs on our PCs and DVD players... without the region code.....

I heard from somewhere that they are already working on the next format to follow on from DVD, they have told the MPAA to get stuffed and are not having a region code after the fiasco of the DeCSS case. Could be just a load of rubbish. Anyone else heard similar?
Yes, the big tech DVD Forum members are working on a new DVD format, though it's not clear that it's intended to immediately replace the current format (much as Super Audio CD apparently wasn't intended to replace CD). From the DVD Forum page:

The DVD Forum's Steering Committee has unanimously decided to begin discussions to establish a single, best format for high-definition DVD using a blue laser diode.

However, considering that the format would be fairly useless without content, I doubt they told the MPAA to take a walk.
Anyone read about the 100GB prototype disc?

TAIPEI--A team of researchers at the National Taiwan University (NTU) here report they have developed a prototype rewritable optical disc that can store 100GB of information and is compatible with existing CD and DVD technology. The new disc offers far more storage capacity than existing DVD-ROMs, which can store up to 17GB.
Will theres finally be a consumer available cd-r that will be able to read a DC gb-rom, out of this technology? Or are the technologies completely incompatible?