I sure hope Sega Don't Die out

I sure hope Sega Don't Die out

For the past three or four weeks I have been tracking sales charts for games, and I don't see one Sega game in the top ten, yet there are like 3 EA games up there. It's like the damn Madden Fever Blew a shit out of NFL2k3, I mean do poeple even know the game exsists? I knew the Madden Fan boys would make it sell, but I thought NFL2k3 would be at least 2nd or 3rd, instead, freaking Stuntman and all these other in0the-shiter-after-two-days typs games are taking over. And what about Madden? Outseling everything for the past month, thats right, even b4 its release it was the numberone seller
Not that Sega should Die just because Madden is number one, but what scares me is that Sega put so much money into its sports programs, I hope it at least borke even. Losing Sega would be like losing a best friend to me or something, even as sad as that sounds its true. To not have a single game in the top ten for quite a few months can be damaging, very much so I think, specially when competitors like EA are in the top ten consistantly. Sega Better make a hit real soon cause hell Im getting worried. Some one cheer me up god damnit.
I sure hope Sega Don't Die out

Sgea won't die out... the US charts are not the be-all and end-all of games charts
In both Japan and Europe, Sega games have sold nicely... don't keep track of the US so I'm not sure
I sure hope Sega Don't Die out

can you tell me where you go to look at the sales charts? Would you know where i could get a bunch of countries sales charts on games. Such as Canada, U.S, Japan, and European countries.
I sure hope Sega Don't Die out

A lot of the charts I look at have the sonic games on GC and GBA as top sellers.

Just wait for Monkey Ball 2 on GC and Panzer Dragoon for XBox to come out
I sure hope Sega Don't Die out

Originally posted by [LoRd

JigA_Zer0,Sep. 17 2002, 2:28 pm]i have news for u buddy, Super Monkey Ball 2 is already out

Chill -- I don't follow GC that much -- cut me some slack
I sure hope Sega Don't Die out

Originally posted by segasonic@Sep. 17 2002, 11:05 pm

I think it's only out in Japan though, definitely not out in Europe.

Yeah, it doesn't come out over here in Europe till Xmas