I swear this is the last time

I swear this is the last time I bother you with that shit :


I need to find what game this is from and then all my troubles are over.

Those who read the past week topics know what it's for. Those who read the topics also know I 'm not just using this board for helping me myself and I but always try to help the others in their saturn-related issues. Antime fell free to delete this as soon as monday if you want.

Thanks for anyone who'll help, I awe you one.


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I don't have anything against you asking here, I just think it's fair to tell why.
Err... you'd have to be in France. You'd have to be within the 4 finalists (Pollux, Diabolo, Phenomena and me).

But if it was the case, well I'd wish you good luck ^^

If what you mean is that other finalists might see the answer too, I take that risk. It's the last answer unless there's a tie. It's time to take any chance possible.


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Oh my, looky at all the answers.

Someone should tell them to compress that 1.23 MB WAV file to a 105 KB MP3 file at 128 kbps bit-rate. It would really save a lot of unnecessary bandwidth.


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It seems to be a shoot them up, I listened many MP3s of Shmup Saturn games, some sound like this one but it's not this one.
Hey that's life ^^

Anyway I finally tied with a guy and we had a special question for the both of us (as the contest was over) but I could find the answer on my own.

Thanks to anyone who tried helping.