I want to paint my Dreamcast Silver!


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I want to paint my Dreamcast silver much like the Platinum Gamecube.

Does anybody know what material the DC case is made out of?

What is the best way to get new paint to stick to the case (for a long time)?

How do you get the swirl sticker off and back on?

Is there a good way to put a new Sega logo on after the new paint job?

Did I miss anything

Thanks in advance for any help
use a hair dryer over it for a while untill you can VERY GENTLY lift it off, then put it on wax paper... paint case...let dry...remove sticker from wax paper then re-apply to case.
don't do it, it'll look gay

if you want to be really cool get a custom cae machined for you out of chrome and titanium
Eh, all in the eye of the beholder. I think it would look cool bein red and white......Maybe even like an Ikaruga theme? I am gunna make my XBox ALL white, then have the X be red. Then like put those window things (like you see on PCs) in prob a form of an X in the middle of the X. Under the windows I am gunna have cathode lights....it's gunna be sweet. Paintin the controllers and everything. changin' the light for the power button, puttin windows in the controller w/ lights(maybe). Hehe, now all I have to do is find time/money/know-how to do this. Mainly the know-how. I need to mod it too

P.S. Maybe sumthin like the special edition XBox (panzer dragoon one) woudl look cool on the DC, even though they have no Panzer game on it.
I'm not thinking the custom case thing would be very economical.

It's just that all my home theatre stuff is silver and I hope to get a Platinum GC in the near future. I like everything to match. Plus it would be unique.

Any help out there?!
I've painted my dreamcast before. I painted it black with blue power buttons. Kinda looks like an R7 dreamcast. Here are a few things I would suggest.

Patience, you gotta have this if you want it to look good

Buy some high grit sand paper like 320 grit or higher to slightly rough up the surface

As far as the type of paint I used enamel spray paint. In addition to that I also bought some sealent to seal the paint after its dried, and you can choose what type of finish you'd like on it, like glossy, semi, or flat.

Buy good masking tape to mask off anything you don't want painted, this is where the patience stuff is really important.

As far as the dreamcast logo, I used a hobby knife and scraped underneath the logo. I used a little super glue when I put it back on and it seems to stay very well.

That should get you started
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