Idiot’s guide to making a game for the Saturn?

I know a talented developer and creative mind could make money off the PC market through unity and all these cool modern tools.
I do not consider myself either of these things and am just fascinated by the saturn to the point where I want to make mediocre RPGs with soap opera esque stories to amuse myself.
I was reading up on sprite design and it all seems so complex. So does 3D modeling. My theory is that for such a retro system sprites are probably the way to go as cool as the Saturn’s early 3D looked (well imo atleast).
I am 26 years old and not too good with programming languages and work a minimum wage job. I just want to program for fun and I know c is archaic but it is the language to use right?

I was reading that jo engine is the easiest to use right?
I know I should probably stick to playing games but I just want to challenge myself kind of like people who like to knit their own clothes (yes they will often not be good but it is the thrill of a hobby)
Even with that explained I am expecting a lot of hate for making this topic but that being said I deserve much worse than anything you smart people give me