Ikaruga High School?!? WTF??

ah...i did not know that!
Originally posted by CHAZumaru °_°@Apr 3, 2003 @ 08:00 PM

The game's name comes from the bird, obviously, as it is a black and white dove.

A dove with laser blasters??? I've played a game sorta like that on 32X. Kolibri was the name. Only you played a 1337 Killer Hummingbird with lasers and machine guns and stuff. It was pretty, too, and you could flit around...
A hummingbird with WMD set to save the world. That game was pretty fun for a game i played once and beat and never played again.

Looks like the Sailor Moon school. Wait, looks like the school at the end of Tekken 3 too that the girl walks out of to meet that giant panda bear thing...

Do all Jpanese High Schools look the same?
Are those cars in the middle of that picture? I swear they look right out of Choro Q Park...