Im buying a used Saturn

I know with the 32X the cable things are often missing. Im just wondering whether there is anything I should watch out for when buying a used Saturn. As far as I can tell it was probably just someone who didn't appreciate the system enough so they sold it.
There's a good chance you'll need to replace the RAM battery; it's a standard CR2032 (the Duracell ones are called DL2032). It's the same type of battery used by the Dreamcast VMU (but thankfully lasts much longer in the Saturn). If the battery is dead the Saturn will still work, but the system settings and saved games will not be retained when you turn the power off.

Also, if you're interested in using CD-R games with it, there are two methods to boot them - a modboard or the swap trick. The swap trick is easier on Model 1 Saturn systems (oval power/reset buttons), and it's easier (i.e. possible) to find low-cost modboards for Model 2 Saturn systems (circular power/reset buttons).

There are Model 2 systems in Model 1 cases, but these are not very common, so just looking at the buttons is pretty effective, not to mention that a seller e.g. on ebay would probably be more willing to tell you the shape of the buttons than to open up the system and tell you what the PCB revision is :).

Edit: Forgot something... it's a good idea to get an A/V cable with the Saturn. They can be found seperately, but are not as common as e.g. PSX or N64 cables.

Hope this helps.

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Just thought I might add that, if you have a playstation or a ps2, don't worry about the power cord, cause the saturn has the same one as them. Oh, and depending on how many/what games you plan on getting for it, you might want to get a memory card for saves. the system has internal memory, but its nice to have a backup of your saves for when the battery dies about every 2-3 years.
The dreamcast shares the same power cord as well. My only recomendation is that you make sure it comes complete. ie. system, controller, a/v cable.

...and get a model 2 so a mod would be easier to find.
Unless he isn't good at soldering, or doesn't want to pay for a mod chip, in which case model 1's the better idea. But having a mod is always nicer then using the swap trick.
Do you know how hard it is to put the case back on once after taping down the switch on a model 1 Saturn? Model 1 Saturns have those clear plastic for those LED lights that stick up and you have to get them to align up correctly when putting the case back together. They tend to move when you move the case cover.
ive found the problem is usually the reset post on the model 1's, unless its lined up properly the console doesnt power up properly, since the reset circuit is activated all the time
Really? I've never had any problems getting my model 1 to fit back together, other than getting the screws in.. but that is usually about a 2 minute deal :p
Yea, I have put mine together and taken it apart numerous times, never had a problem. Well, except for recently when I stripped one of the screws when trying to open it, I ended up breaking that screws block by pounding the screw driver into it with a hammer, it was the only way to get it open.