I'm going to start programming for Saturn

Hi folks,

Ok, I downloaded many tool and tutorials, but I still have some questions :

- I can't find a Saturn C compiler. Links to xoom are broken. Where can I find it ?

- Where can I find a Sega Saturn Bios ?

- Do I really need a PC Link card and a Gameshark ? Can't I test what I programmed with SSF or Satourne (even if these emus aren't complete) ?

Thanks !

I have the C compiler if you want it - just give me some space for uploading (I don't have space right now). I also have the Japanese and "everywhere else" revisions of the BIOS but I don't know which version numbers right now.

You don't really need a link card and GS to give developing a shot, but it would probably help. I would be coding stuff for Saturn if I had that particular setup. You can image a CD for the stuff you write, but it's a pain.
If you don't have any ISA slots or don't want to go to the trouble of finding a card at a reasonable price, there is a parallel port adapter that IIRC works with the SSLINK program. It's all stuff that should be available at a reasonably sized Radio Shack. I'm not sure where it's available online now, but I've got it on my system and will put it up if anyone's interested once I get my system running again.

If you don't want to get a card or a GS/AR... with clever coding, it should also be possible to cut off a controller cable, wire up a parallel port connector, and use it to upload programs with a loader disc... the Saturn controller ports are essentially multiplexed 4-bit digital I/O ports (the interface was designed to be backwards compatible with Genesis/Mega Drive controllers).
Hu, i'd give a hand in sutch a project. Altough I belive that it would be slow as #### uploading binarys, and they would have to be compiled so it could be loaded in another location than the common start adress :p
they would have to be compiled so it could be loaded in another location than the common start adress

Shouldn't it be possible to make the loader copy the main load routine to another memory area to free up the normal start area?
That matter has yet to be proven in practice (ie. I still haven't seen a practical example). People in this Dev board love to talk :p