Im having trouble Burning....

well i dont know how to make a cue shheet and i dont understand the misc section guides so is there another way to burn it??? i have all the .wav files and the .raw file.... Im trying to burn sfcd please help me! thankx
has anyone burned shining froce cd? cause if they did can hey tell me how they did and paster thier cue sheet they used cause i cant find any cue sheet editor.
i did it wont work. it just says reading cd or initializing then returns to idle. The files i have are the track1.raw and track2.wav-track35.wav i made the sue sheet burned and it wont work..... sorry if i sound like an idiot but it just wont work ive tried 3 times and the faqs in the misc section dont help.

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ok ok heres what i did........

right clicked picked rename, the typed in track1.iso its still a raw. i also opened it in paint shop(thats the default program hat opens raws on my pc) and i save as iso but it shrinks to 1kb and stuff i als used a convertor that doent work either just please tell me how to rename it!
can't believe you don't even know how to rename files on your computer dude. That takes the cake for all N00bi3 crazyness
well i know im a noob and everything but could you tell me how to "rename" files>? also everyone is new somtime so please dont get mad just help me this once and i wont ask again.
Make sure that the file extensions are visible in windows... I'm pretty sure you're using windows, and at the end of the file name will be track1.iso.raw, likely, and delete the .raw

edit: to toggle view file types , go to folder options in the tools drop down menu in your ordinary explorer window, and in the view tab, unclick "hide extensions for known file types"

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