IM new to C...

Im new to C, can anyone help me develop a game? I can make killer 3d graphics... but, I need more people to help me w/ the coding... tutorials anyone? please? I have a lot of money that I'm willing to pay people to help me w/ this project. please email me TMKG21@AOL.COM see signature for details...
Most C tutorials I've seen seem to make it more of a chore than it needs to be, but that could just be my learning style...
Yeah, I really hate learing C (and associated languages). So much time is spent on mind numbingly boring (but admittedly essential) data structures, ADT's, algorithms etc, you almost loose site of the fact that you can actually do some really cool things.

As for tutes, Google is your friend. Sorry for not being more specific, but your can turn up many resources with little effort.
i use google daily... but, still, is anyone out there willing to work on a game w/ me? i can do what ever graphics needed, and i will provide any software necesary, im pretty sure i can get it, no matter how much t costs...( i just dl it for free)
If you're really serious, here's my offer. I won't ask for any money, but you'll have to provide me with all of the following:

-Saturn Cinepak tools from Sega(that includes the mac encoder and library headers)

-Saturn Truemotion encoder.

-Psy-q or official Sega dev hardware

Let me know when you've got everything.

Cyber Warrior X ;)