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Seniriu Development Thread

Initial post updated with current activities.

Seniriu is an in development first person role playing game for the Sega Saturn.

Call for Collaboration!

Currently, we have the following people working on the project:
  • Emerald Nova: Design (level, features), Writing, High Level features (Enemy AI, Character Statistics and Interactions, Minigames, etc)
  • ReyeMe: Low level features (Draw commands, save files, etc), Asset Pipeline, File format development (Map files, etc)
  • 7shades: Low level feature support
  • Xenos: (Part Time) Full Body sprite renders. Modelling assets for sprite renders
  • Mr. Frederickson: Music, UI Assets
  • Shadowmask: Music and SFX
  • rink rat: Music
We will need help, which is why I'm soliciting this meeting publicly. The roles that we need additional support on are:
  • Supporting full body asset rendering
  • UI Assets (Menus, icons, etc)
To emphasize, anyone with experience rigging models in blender and interested in helping to develop an action RPG should contact me.

Old Updates

I want to invite any potential collaborators or advisors to the Seniriu Kick-Off meeting. For those that don't know, Seniriu is planned to be a first person role playing game to be developed into a vertical slice this year. Meeting starts Saturday, March 30, 2024 6:00 AM UTC on the Emerald Nova Discord general voice channel ( We'll be going over design direction, feature set, and plans and goals to achieve playable vertical slice status over a 9 month period. If you think you might be interested in helping out the project, please come join us for the kick-off.
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Posted the original preprepreprepre-Alpha build of Seniriu as a resource.

Reminder: Kick off meeting starts tonight. Saturday, March 30, 2024 6:00 AM UTC on the Emerald Nova Discord general voice channel ( We are looking for artists and musicians but even if you are only interested to hear about the project, all are welcome to attend the meeting.
Kick off meeting was held to define scope of project. We have a Trello board to track tasks. We still need more art support if anyone that can model 3D stuff is interested.