saturn homebrew

  1. ShadowMask

    Sega Saturn Shiro Show VOD Re-paks 2024-07-05

    Sega Saturn Shiro Show VOD Re-paks. Watch the live show later, on your Saturn! Almost as good as being there Friday's at 6pmEST :) Updated Weekly. Click the Download button for the most recent show. Previous VODs: Shiro Show VODs - Google Drive
  2. EmeraldNova


    Seniriu Development Thread Initial post updated with current activities. Seniriu is an in development first person role playing game for the Sega Saturn. Call for Collaboration! Currently, we have the following people working on the project: Emerald Nova: Design (level, features), Writing...
  3. Cobradile

    Telocation: Gemini - Sega Saturn Prototype 0.1

    Here's my entry. I have attempted to start on a port Telocation: Gemini to the Sega Saturn. This will be my first attempt at 3D on the Saturn, (and really my first attempt at 3D on a level lower than Godot as a whole) and I have learned a lot from it! I plan to try and finish this once the...
  4. sansigolo

    Red Moon: Lost Days 1.0

    Red Moon: Lost Days Red Moon: Lost Days is a RPG/visual novel hybrid developed for the Sega Saturn about Kyou Tan Wa, a pilot who after lost contact with a Army General friend, sets out on a journey to Egypt to investigate his disappearance. Nineteen years have passed, but the...
  5. Voxel

    Sonic X-Treme (homebrew version) 2022-08-29

    The latest entry in the numerous Sonic X-Treme fan recreations, this one attempts to bring together levels (with fisheye effect), bosses, menus, smooth gameplay and fun gimmicks into a single package - but is also created for none other than the system that the original game was slated to be...
  6. sansigolo

    The Case of the City Botucaiba - New homebrew game for Sega Saturn

    Hello everyone, For those who don't know me, I am Sansigolo (@G_Sansigolo) . I'm here to share my brand-new homebrew: The Case of the City Botucaiba The Case of the City Botucaiba The Case of the City Botucaiba by Neuromage Studio Synopsis The Case of the City Botucaiba is a mystery...
  7. EmeraldNova

    SEGA Saturn 26th Anniversary Game Competition

    It's time for the annual SEGA Saturn homebrew competition. Contest details are here. Please attach all entries here (with bin/cue or iso/cue) by 12 PM UTC (7 AM EST) January 1st, 2021.
  8. XL2

    FPS-demo + source code

    Hi all! One of the hardest thing in making homebrew 3D games is the collision detection. So I did a quick FPS-style demo (with source code, done in a few hours only so don't expect Half-Life on the Saturn) with working collision detection (still buggy) and a tool to generate the bounding boxes...