saturn homebrew

  1. Cobradile

    Telocation: Gemini - Sega Saturn Prototype 0.1

    Here's my entry. I have attempted to start on a port Telocation: Gemini to the Sega Saturn. This will be my first attempt at 3D on the Saturn, (and really my first attempt at 3D on a level lower than Godot as a whole) and I have learned a lot from it! I plan to try and finish this once the...
  2. sansigolo

    Red Moon: Lost Days 1.0

    Red Moon: Lost Days Red Moon: Lost Days is a RPG/visual novel hybrid developed for the Sega Saturn about Kyou Tan Wa, a pilot who after lost contact with a Army General friend, sets out on a journey to Egypt to investigate his disappearance. Nineteen years have passed, but the...
  3. Voxel

    Sonic X-Treme (homebrew version) 2022-08-29

    The latest entry in the numerous Sonic X-Treme fan recreations, this one attempts to bring together levels (with fisheye effect), bosses, menus, smooth gameplay and fun gimmicks into a single package - but is also created for none other than the system that the original game was slated to be...
  4. sansigolo

    The Case of the City Botucaiba - New homebrew game for Sega Saturn

    Hello everyone, For those who don't know me, I am Sansigolo (@G_Sansigolo) . I'm here to share my brand-new homebrew: The Case of the City Botucaiba The Case of the City Botucaiba The Case of the City Botucaiba by Neuromage Studio Synopsis The Case of the City Botucaiba is a mystery...
  5. EmeraldNova

    SEGA Saturn 26th Anniversary Game Competition

    It's time for the annual SEGA Saturn homebrew competition. Contest details are here. Please attach all entries here (with bin/cue or iso/cue) by 12 PM UTC (7 AM EST) January 1st, 2021.
  6. XL2

    FPS-demo + source code

    Hi all! One of the hardest thing in making homebrew 3D games is the collision detection. So I did a quick FPS-style demo (with source code, done in a few hours only so don't expect Half-Life on the Saturn) with working collision detection (still buggy) and a tool to generate the bounding boxes...