Sonic X-Treme (homebrew version)

Sonic X-Treme (homebrew version) 2022-08-29

The latest entry in the numerous Sonic X-Treme fan recreations, this one attempts to bring together levels (with fisheye effect), bosses, menus, smooth gameplay and fun gimmicks into a single package - but is also created for none other than the system that the original game was slated to be released on in 1996 - the SEGA Saturn!


  • 4 colorful main levels, plus 1 boss level
  • Fun interactive levels and gimmicks
  • Traditional Sonic X-Treme platforming as you know it
  • Fisheye/reflex lens (can be toggled in options)
  • Switch between Sonic sprites, Project Condor model, or Jam/R model in options (affects boss level only)
  • 2-player co-op (plug another controller into port 2 while in-game to activate)
  • World rotation (press C while in-game to toggle on/off)
  • Supports the 3D Control Pad
  • Path mechanics
Download a program that can burn a disc image file to a blank CD-R (for example, imgburn).
Run it and select sonic-xtreme.cue as the source file, and select the destination drive containing an inserted blank CD-R.
For best results, it's often recommended to burn at the slowest speed that your drive and specific CD-R will allow.
Let the program burn the game to the CD; this could take a few minutes depending on the write speed.
When prompted, close down the program and eject the CD (and don't forget to label it).
Place the CD into your (modified!) SEGA Saturn. Then, boot the game as you would any other burned disc. Have fun!

This demo has been confirmed to run on PAL and NTSC-U model 2 systems. NTSC-J and/or model 1 Saturns should still work fine though.
Download a SEGA Saturn emulator of your choice and set it up (outside the scope of this quick guide, sorry).
For the best experience, it's strongly recommended to use Mednafen. While all aspects of the game run fine in Yabause/YabaSanshiro/Kronos, there are some glaring audio and visual issues that stem from incorrect emulation, not the game itself.
Because Mednafen is a command-line based program, you may want to use MedGUI Reborn, which provides an easier interface to set up Mednafen and run games through it.
Once your emulator of choice is set up, simply open sonic-xtreme.cue and the game should boot. Have fun!

  • There are no kill planes. If you fall off, pause and restart the level.
  • Enemies don't move, attack nor hurt the player. You can destroy most enemies by jumping on them though.
  • Some level-specific gimmicks, such as moving platforms or water droplets, aren't functional yet.
  • Placid Plains still isn't a proper level beyond a path and some cacti on a flat ground.
  • There are framerate drops in vertex-heavy sections of certain levels. Although I've tried to keep the gameplay as fluid as possible when that happens, gamepad button input will sometimes not register. Sadly this is a problem with the input implementation in the SEGA libraries used in the framework.
  • As hinted earlier, Sonic will always use sprites in main levels regardless of Sonic type set in options. This is currently a technical limitation and may or may not be implemented in a future version, depending on optimizations and remaining resources left.
  • Load times are quite slow depending on your tolerance. This is currently due to many separate audio clips being loaded from the CD. In a future version, the clips will be packed into single audio banks, which should make loading much faster.

Q: How do I get rid of the red (P2) Sonic on emulator?
A: This is usually caused by having the 2nd input pad enabled. When disabled, player 2's Sonic should disappear.

Q: Will you add the Spin Slash and Spin Dash to Sonic's moveset?
A: Yes, they're features I would also like to add at some point.

Q: Why did you do XYZ? You should probably remove/replace it, it's terrible. Maybe add in ABC too?
A: I hear you, and I totally appreciate that some design choices and features aren't everyone's cup of tea. I really try my best to balance what the community want and my own personal choices, but it's near-impossible to fulfill everyone's needs in the vanilla base game. That's what modding is there for.
And speaking of which, yes, totally feel free to mod the game if there were alternative basics like audio or sprites that you wanted to see instead of my provided choices, if you have the technical know-how to do so.

Q: Will you be continuing to update this in the future?
A: I hate to be yet another guy who doesn't finish an X-Treme fan project, but unfortunately nope. It was super fun to tinker around with the Saturn and finally get to grips with the hardware/software on the inside, but alas, I'm a modern developer at heart and it's super important for me to keep up with modern programming and tools, especially for university. So to put it simply, I just don't have the time to allocate to it anymore.




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