1. slinga

    480p Homebrew Source Code Examples?

    Starting a new thread to not hijack the other one, Anyone have example source code to set 480p mode? 1) Charles MacDonald has a resolution demo here: Progressive hires test demo?. But it doesn't include source code. 2) MacDonald had an entry in the "C4 - 2006 Context" that is described as "A...
  2. slinga

    Jo Engine Multitap Demo

    I modified Jo Engine's existing gamepad demo to create a multitap demo. The demo is able to detect and read inputs from 1-12 controllers. If the controller is not connected a red X is displayed. When a controller input is detected the correct button lights up. I've been impressed at how easy Jo...
  3. XL2

    Project Z-Treme

    Newest version :
  4. XL2

    (Saturn homebrew) Sonic Z-Treme

    Hi all! I'm currently learning c language on my own and game developpment as an hobby. I decided to start with the Sega Saturn (yes, I didn't start with the easiest machine!) and a 3D game (yes...). I've been working part-time on my project, that I named Sonic Z-Treme, since the end of march...
  5. S

    New ODDE in the works!

    Please ignore the title of the source article, its a bit misleading to say the least as we all know that the Saturn DRM has been cracked in various forms for many years, through modchips, pseudosaturn, swap trick etc etc...