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I also have a Roland SC-88 I could record Doom MIDIs off of if we wanted really good quality music or something.
There's quite a bunch of SC-55 and 88 recordings of Doom and Doom 2 actually, but there's one that I couldn't find - something that has the reverb and chorus settings turned up. I had mp3 recordings of those maybe 20 years ago, but I had to delete them due to space issues, and I couldn't find anything like those ever since. All the recordings made are "pure" with the effects turned down.


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Cave Story has a pretty much complete Megadrive port made in C, I heard it's only missing some water droplet effect when you get out of water and has a bit fewer frames of animation on the spinning diskette and such. It didn't use any transparency even in the original PC version besides dithering, so it should have no problems running 1:1 on the Saturn.

There has also been an attempt at porting the freeware game Lyle in Cube Sector to the Megadrive. It's working fine except for the music having to be different, which would easily be fixed in a Saturn port by rendering the tracker music to Red Book, I dunno if it was ever finished though. The MMF2 source code for Lyle in Cube Sector was also released by the creator, so it could be used as a reference.
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