Interest Check: SegaXtreme Collaborative Project

I also have a Roland SC-88 I could record Doom MIDIs off of if we wanted really good quality music or something.

There's quite a bunch of SC-55 and 88 recordings of Doom and Doom 2 actually, but there's one that I couldn't find - something that has the reverb and chorus settings turned up. I had mp3 recordings of those maybe 20 years ago, but I had to delete them due to space issues, and I couldn't find anything like those ever since. All the recordings made are "pure" with the effects turned down.
Cave Story has a pretty much complete Megadrive port made in C, I heard it's only missing some water droplet effect when you get out of water and has a bit fewer frames of animation on the spinning diskette and such. It didn't use any transparency even in the original PC version besides dithering, so it should have no problems running 1:1 on the Saturn.

There has also been an attempt at porting the freeware game Lyle in Cube Sector to the Megadrive. It's working fine except for the music having to be different, which would easily be fixed in a Saturn port by rendering the tracker music to Red Book, I dunno if it was ever finished though. The MMF2 source code for Lyle in Cube Sector was also released by the creator, so it could be used as a reference.
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From what it looks like, me, slinga, Trekkies, and Ponut are in for Doom. I need some time to get my affairs at the university in order, but I will start trying to setup some sort of infrastructure for working together on it. The way I see it, we need to be able to do the following:

* Grab the GoG version of The Ultimate Doom (The Ultimate DOOM on and process art assets, music, sfx, and level details into a format compatible with Saturn (this will require a separate executable patch tool)
* Incorporate a WAV to PCM converter in the patch tool and downgrade the audio for optimized playback
* Set up our rending engine with WAD parsing in mind
* Create a MUS/MIDI music player for the Doom format (and probably the normal MIDI format for good measure)
* Everyone learn BSPs
* Everyone learn: id-Software/DOOM
* Write John Carmack senpai a thank you card after asking him to notice us


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Honestly I'm not interested in working on Doom. Clearly you guys are passionate about it so I think you should proceed with it. I'm more than happy to burn discs and beta test for you guys though. Good luck!


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You guys realize that all your need to do for another Saturn Doom is to reuse the 3DO or Jaguar source code? All the assets fit in Saturn's ram already and the 3DO version already uses quads strips and hardware rendering. I fail to see where collaboration would be needed as it's really a one person job and it's mostly tedious and boring work if you ask me.
Hey all,

I don't know if it's too late to suggest an idea or how feasible it is but would there be interest in trying to add content to Fighters Megamix similar to Smash Remix on N64.

It would be cool to have new stages and content from other Sega games in a compilation fighter on the Saturn I feel. If there isn't interest in that would there be a possibility of creating a tool for Saturn similar to the Golden Eye Setup Editor so more Saturn game modification would be possible?

Thanks again,
I've actually been thinking along similar lines - it would be really cool to take the Sega Rally graphics & physics engine, and add tracks/cars from other games (the Daytona CCE graphics engine is probably better, but the controls/physics are pretty crap).