I'm so lucky !!!

Today I went shopping in syaracuse new york, and I went to the Local gaming store "Game Craze" and I bought Sonic Jam there for the low low price of...

... 15$ ! its in mint condition, except the case has some scratches on it. Other than that its mint.
Try funcoland. they no longer accept saturn gaer and games but they lowered their prices on used games to $2 in most cases. The most I've paid there was $14 for a mint Resident Evil. Iv'e cleaned out my local store. I loved getting the 2nd copy of Panzer Dragoon for $2!!!
Have no idea what "beotch poser" means. Enlighten me. If you are refering to my username then read your shakespere. He was a funny guy with a rather dark side to his personality that no one knew but himself. Otherwise...............huh?
Don't worry about Gallstaff, he seems to be a bit of a twonk.

I seriously doubt he's heard of Henry IV, Henry V or Merry Wives of Windsor.

Let alone Shakespeare.
Yeah, I guess I see what you mean. Been chewing on the power lead again, have we? By the way, loved the link, great site!