hello, i'm sure this topic has been covered

many times before, but here goes anyway

first I'm trying to do Dracula X,

i'm using nero, buring at 6x and using bulk cd-rs from target stores

my burner is a samsung

I have the dracula x iso, I used satconv to change to usa region

and then used sega cue maker, the only track I have is track 2

with is the warning the says this disk can only be used on the sega saturn

system, but it's in japanese

when I do the swap trick, I can get past the sega copywright screen

and then the screen goes all black and has horizional lines all about the screen

I wonder if this has anything to do with ntsc to pal?

any help appreciated

usually if its a prob with ntsc, the tv screen will be rolling in black and white. Sounds more like an incorrect toc prob. try swapping with a different disc first. also, boot sector may be stuffed on the iso.