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I was just wondering if there is anyway to run a 60hz Us game on a 50 hz pal (UK) tv. I can get the game to run but the screen if offset and flickering. Any help is much apreciated.
sounds like you got a REALLY shitty TV which doesn't even support 60 Hz. in that case, you need a new TV.
Actually ive got a very good tv whuch does support 60hz and is 32inch in size, its just my friend does have a shitty telly and no he doesnt want to buy a new one because like me he is a poor student with no money and no job. All i asked was 4 was help i u new anything that could work not slaging off by some fat american bastard. Oh and i dont give a toss if u ban me as this forum used to be helpful but now its become a haven for shit like yourself!!!!!!
All i asked was 4 was help i u new anything that could work

Arakon gave you a solution that would work. It's not his fault that you don't like it. Unless you can adjust a vertical hold control on the set to where it accepts 60Hz or know someone who knows enough about TV electronics to hack this capability in, you don't have much of an option other than getting a scan converter, and that could cost more than a new TV (I'm not familiar with TV prices worldwide, but scan converters usually aren't cheap).

edit (just realized that this was in the DC forum and not Tech Help, otherwise I'd have no idea what system you're trying to do this with): according to a post at, it's apparently possible to force the DC to 50Hz by bridging the points at the location marked "R425". This doesn't seem to be independently verified, so don't come crying to me if it fries your DC.

not slaging off by some fat american bastard

It's also not Arakon's fault that you think anyone who doesn't say what you want to hear is American.

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Hey, isn't exchange and mutual benefit what SX is all about? I share some relevant technical information, richturner shares a demonstration of how to insult someone very poorly. It's all good. :)
>:p I am American! Eh, this is what I said everytime someone trys to offend me/someone on the internet:

"Comic book store guy from Simpsons voice:

Oh no, text on my computer screen is calling me names, I am REALLY offended..."
Since noone really cares about the problem i should do that.

What TV cables do you use?Use an RGB cabel if you have problems with 60Hz games.Plus you will have better quality.
What TV cables do you use?Use an RGB cabel if you have problems with 60Hz games.Plus you will have better quality.

RGB is god of all video transmission methods and would fix color problems arising from the use of an NTSC signal (by eliminating use of an NTSC signal :biggrin:), but I doubt that it would fix the problem richturner is having, which is a vsync problem.
Im sorry i made an insult about being american, its mainly due to all that i have met before being absolute tossers, but then again so r the the majority of english people (im a northern scrubber btw). Back to the problem. Yeah the problem is a vsync problem as i can get the games to run if i use a really old tv, with a vsync dial, but its only a mini tv. Anyway if theres nothing that can be done my m8 will av 2 get a new tv. Thanx for your help.

Tried to help!I had an old tv myself...had to get slammed on the top to work correctly! :)

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what might work is to try getting hold of the cdx/action replay disc

it will have to be the pal/euro one

try using the ntsc/pal options on that

i know that if i boot a us game in some modes on that it doesnt work in the way your talking (half way off to the side)

ill let the insults etc slide, as i feel it wouldnt help anyone to bring that back up