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hello, I am new to Saturn/import games. what exactly do you need to do to play import games on the Saturn (USA)?

one way i have found is to solder a switch to change between us/japan, i have also seen a "mod chip", and some cart thing. All i want to do is play Japanese games. NOT cd-r's, NOT PAL games,and i do not want to do the "swap method". I would also like to play the import games that require the extra ram, can i just use a regular sega ram cart with the solder mod to do this? or do i need a special ram cart? Thanks!
If you want to just play orginal import games.... all you really need to do is get 3in1 cart... your best bet is to get a Pro Action Raply 4M Plus... it allows you to play import games... and also includes the 1M and 4M ram expansion... which most newer games use... plus you get the added save space.. and gameshark stuff... but any simple cart to play import games will do... or you could do the switch mod... witch would be far cheaper...
To answer your questions:

Q: What exactly do you need to do to play import games on the Saturn (USA)?

A: Their are two options open to you for this: 1. Solder a switch (like you mentioned) wich changes the region code, or 2. Buy a cart wich can play imports such as the Sega Satalite, 4 in 1, or 5 in 1 cards.

Q: I would also like to play the import games that require the extra ram, do I need a special ram cart or can I use a regular one with the mod?

A: Yes, you must buy a special ram cart, their are 1mb ram carts, 4mb ram carts, rom cats (those only work with one game), and carts such as the Action Replay plus 5 in 1 wich lets you play 1mb + 4mb games.

You can get such cards for places like or . I hope that helps answer your questions.
1. It will let you play all games wich require 1mb or ram, but not 4mb, you would need a 5 in 1 cart for that.

2. It will let you play imports.

3. No, the only card wich lets you save directly to it is the official sega memory card. That one will let you save to it, but no dirrectly.


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Try to look for one that says 4M AUTO on the cover of the box, or where it says 1M <--> 4M on the cart itself. If you can't find it anywhere else for a decent price, check NCSX to see if they still have it in stock.
wow, you guy are really helpful! I think that i am going to actually do the solder mod (i like doing things like that, can't wait for the gameboy adanced light mod!) and purchase an official sega memory card. If i am not mistaken i will be able to play japanese games like Vampire Saviour, right? thanks again!


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Yeah, if you are comfortable with doing the soldering that's probably the best way to go.