Import Rush 2049

I just bought San Francisco Rush 2049 (PAL) for may HK Dreamcast. The problem is that when I try to run it with my Utopia 1.1 bootdisk it just resets to the dreamcats system options. What can I do? Is this a known problem? Thanks
I know that the US version has protection to stop it running on PAL DC's which does exactly the same thing, it sounds like the other way round is also the case :(
That's not going to help. Midway put a special little protection into 2049 that check to find out the region of your console no matter what method you used to boot it. There's no way around it unless you have a proper region DC (although a mod-chip may work, but I'm not positive, but why mod a console for 1 game [and not some absolutely spectacular game at that]?)
I'm pretty sure that there's some way to use a GS/AR code to patch out the protection, as there are codes available for the US/NTSC version (which seems to have a similar protection). Datel doesn't seem to have anything for the PAL version though.