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Originally posted by OMONowez@Oct 6, 2003 @ 02:08 AM

is it allowed to ask questions about the Modchip for the Sega Saturn here?

I'm not sure that I believe that you asked that. :eek:
well the thing is I found an online shop here in germany where I can get a Modboard for Saturn...BUT...

I've got two Sega Saturn Systems...a newer one with the round buttons na dan older was told me that teh Modboard in that shop only works with a 21 Pin Cable 32 Pin Controler chip model of the Saturn... :((

the newer model that I have is a 21 Pin Cable 64 Pin controler chip

and the older model has a 20 pin cable and I can't even locate the controler chip there...

so my question is: is there a modboard for every version of a sega saturn system?

cause I rather want to mod the newer model (21 Pin Cable & 64 Pin Chip) cause it's not so f***ed up (can I actually say the f-word here?) as the older if someone knows if there is a modboard fpr that model (and maybe knows where to get it) plz tell me...

I'll apreciate any help on this. THX in advance. :)



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At the moment it seems there aren't any mods that will reliably work with a 64 pin mod.

Jandaman seems confident that the ones he sells will work, but there have been a few reports to the contrary.