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Correct me if I'm wrong, but that was the first IB3 banning.

Maybe that is his broken english way of saying he is a penis. He must be considering he would decide to waste his first post and our time this way.
I hate those bastards who think they're funny. He wasted my time. If someone can get his IP for me, i will hack the hell outa that lamer!
I don't think he actually said "I like penis", that is the work of the ever evil Arakon. I believe the original content was something along the lines of "How do I burn the l337 dr3@mc@st g@m3Z"
pic really stands out. It reminds me of fire burning of something.

Curtis: For a list of
IB3 members, check out the members page; the first drop-down list has
listed at the end.
I would feel literally humbled to have that 'BANNED' graphic next to me. It seems so.. final.

I think what he originally gave was an FTP for DC games and he seemed to know it was suicidal.
Yes, my second nickname is Veacheslav420 and i was banned for iso request. I havent another way to get games in my country, so....

i have learned this lesson.

But i never asked stupid questions about (see first post from this banned lamer) or post anything wicked like this.
Step one, get internet (you seem to have it

Step two, go onto online store to buy game

Step three, Fed Ex will help you out with the game getting to you.

(or whatever mail system you have there, unless you have some kind of import laws, but still, this website will not help you find warez, no matter how good the story)

For some regions, shipping would almost invariably cost more than the merchandise, assuming that the retailer is even willing to ship there. And for some people, buying from outside the local economy can mean spending weeks' or months' worth of income due to the economic disparity between countries, even if they make more than enough to take care of their vital expenses.
Some people only have an Internet connection at work, or use one provided by a local library, Internet cafe, etc.
/me backs down from this debate, lol.

I just want to see this topic die/get locked. It is going nowhere anyways...