Hey Guys,

I'm an american and I realize that all the good stuff comes from the land of the rising sun. How much japanese does one need to know in order to play imports? I'm currently slugging through French right now (I'm gonna be bilingual, goddamit!), and I'll have to learn czech because I'm going to Prague next fall. I've heard people talk about kanji and other stylistic forms of japanese. I also know that japanese uses a lot of chinese symbols. Do I really need to take Japanese 101 to play these games??

BTW-- I know some of you guys are going to brag about how many languages you know, so kudos to you all. God bless the American foreign language department
It depends on the game.

If it's a fighter or puzze game-- you don't need any unless you want to read the few pieces of dialoge.

Platforms, if depends if the dialogue is crucial.

RPGs -- you better know a lot of Japanese to stand a chance
gamefaqs has menu translations and wlakthroughs for -most- of the -common- games hosted so that amkes playing through them possible. for full enjoyment i'd imagine fluency would be crucial.

i mean, ya know, it's like keio yugetai 2's a great game, fun, colourful, cute, mindlessly silly, ect., but i'm sure i'd enjoy it even more if i knew what rami and the monkey were discussing inbetween levels. though i do know dr. koan says "merry xmas" before tossing a bomb at their home
i've played the demo of keio yugetai 2(keio's flying squadron 2)'s a cute game!...whats the first one like?
a lot like the dragoon riding horizontal shooting stages in the second one except much harder and with awful graphics. probably one of the best english dubs i've heard on a video game, or at least approriately casted
Rami-chan's Oo Edo Sugoroku, the third game on PSX, is a board game, in case anyone was wondering. You can play as Rami, Spot (Poti), UFOKing, a monkey, Dr.Pon's mechanical contraption that has a humanlike head (boss in Keio 2), Himiko (girl with rocketship), devil kid with club, little kid in frog outfit and a monkey.