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I think this is a stupid move by MS, and their reasons for hiring him are preposterous. But, that's for you to decide...

Gamespot Article: Peter Moore and Microsoft

Former Sega of America president, Peter Moore, joins Microsoft as vice president of retail sales and marketing.

Peter Moore, the former president and COO of Sega of America, has today joined Microsoft as vice president of retail sales and marketing--only a few days after it was announced that he was leaving Sega after four years at the company. In his new role, Moore will oversee retail business in the home and entertainment division, including the Xbox console, Xbox and PC games from Microsoft Game Studios, and home software and hardware products sold at retail, in Europe and Japan. Moore will report directly to Robbie Bach, senior vice president of the home and entertainment division and chief Xbox officer.

"Peter has an outstanding track record of success in the consumer market and video game industries. In addition, we look forward to utilizing his deep knowledge of foreign markets to continue to grow our retail business in Europe and Japan," said Bach. "In Europe, where we have made enormous progress, particularly with the Xbox business gaining the number two position there, Peter will be working to maintain and accelerate that good standing. In Japan, we expect that he will contribute greatly to the work already being done there to advance the business."

"I am excited to be joining Microsoft at a time when the company’s drive toward innovation and creativity is at the forefront of its retail and in-home strategy," said Moore. "In particular, I look forward to applying my combined experience in global consumer sales and marketing and the interactive entertainment industry to enhance the global reach of the Xbox product line."

Microsoft has also announced that the regional vice president of home and entertainment in Europe, Sandy Duncan, is retiring after 17 years with the company. Eduardo Rosini, who has been with Microsoft for 10 years and is currently driving product development projects at Microsoft Game Studios, has been appointed the new regional vice president and will work alongside Duncan during the next few months of transition.
I really wonder what the heck they're thinking. I especially like the comments by M$ stating his great track record. As long as he does as good as what he did at Sega, maybe we won't see M$ in the console area for too much longer