Internet on NAWWWZZZZ!

you should start a collection, just like the gamecube and see who actually donates,
wow, can't wait for the future, but knowing technology, by the time the mainstream public can afford/gain access to these connections the equivalent to today's MP3 files will be some DVD format that is 4GB per song, heh, we wouldn't even take the speed into consideration....remember blazeing fast 14.4kpbs
Master=lier....hehe. TeleportMan must be REAL lucky.....anyone work at a Government place and wanna test their fiber optic connection? That would be cool to see.....wish my old man was smart enuf for that.
Hmm, if the average music file clocks in at 4 gigs in the future, one might wanna start getting concerned with the possibility of bloat
Uncompressed .wav files are only about 10 times as large as the average .mp3 ...