Ipod 3rd generation

I know someone on this board must own the new version of the Ipod. It is so tempting, but none of the online reviews answer my questions.

What is the start up time? My flash 64M mp3 player starts the second I push a button, but the hard drive type systems must have some boot time. Has anyone clocked it? Is it like a 10 second wait before the music starts?

Can I do a full random play? I mean without playlist, random play from all tracks? What about shuffle?

Can I back up the entire storage to CDs?

I am looking for one to keep permenately attached to my home stereo-- rarely to be used as a portable.

I am also looking at the cheaper jukebox models. They are pretty cheap used. Also, I am considering waiting until a version comes out with a remote. SO I can have access to ALL of my music, all the time, from anywhere in my living room!
I have the first model. I love it, but there is a boot up time. I don't mind it though, as if I am using it, it's for when I'm driving, and that means I'll listen to more than one song at a time, so about a 15 sec bootup isn't bad when I listen to 30-an hour of music.

There is random, and you can do playlists, and you can do random inside of the playlists, so it's cool for that. I used that when I worked at an amusement park and I need a clean playlist for a ride (Musik Express) where I just jimmied it to play my iPod.

And yes, I'm sure there is a way to get the mp3s off the iPod, but not through iTunes. But like I said, I'm sure it can be done.