Ipod troubles


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I just got, today, a new model 10 gig ipod. I configured it for pc, installed all the software and loaded some songs on there. then while it was plugged in and the "do not disconnect" thing was up on the ipod screen, the pool guys blew a circuit and we lost power to my room. So the ipod, while plugged into the compy sorta froze. It just froze at that screen. I can't turn it off, i can't use the menu i can't do anything. When i plug it in, no program will recognize it and because of this, I can't reformat it sicne it isnt' recognized by my comp. I uninstalled and reinstalled the software many times and music match as well just to be safe and still nothing. the screen wont go away either. I've read the manuals and online documentation but i dont know anymore. Does anyone else know what I can do?
eek that's what I call bad luck

did you call Apple or search their website?

if anything you can probably exchange it
it's an internal battery which can't be removed but Ice you reminded me of something I heard a while ago about hard ressetting it and it worked! You had to hold down the play and menu buttons after toggling the hold switch on and off a few times and it worked. Thanks.