Is it possible to make an S-Video cable?

I looked at and judging from the pinout S-Video output is not possible but I thought I should ask anyway.

Also, does anyone know where I can get a stereo AV cable for the model 2?
If you are willing to put together a circuit, it should be possible to use a video encoder IC (such as the Analog Devices AD720, or whatever has replaced it now) to convert the RGB to S-Video. I'm not sure what kind of quality this would yield, but I think it would probably be better than composite as long as the circuit is constructed well.

I think stereo A/V cables are available at

Edit: D'oh! Had the wrong URL for Sega Parts.

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there's no need for that if you got a later model 2.. it already outputs s-video, the pins are just not wired. AFAIK a few caps and resistors suffice to get s-video out of it.