Is it possible to play Amiga files from the web on the CD32?


Is there any way to convert Amiga image files from the internet (.adf files) to burn them on a CD and run them on a Amiga CD32?

If this is impossible please don´t flame me-I have no clue about it but it would be great because my Amiga 500 died and I could play my old games on my CD32.
im quite sure that you can do this. i have not bothered to do so becuase i have an Amiga 2000HD.

what you actually are saying though is impossible, the cd32 will not just load the adf's. you will have to extract the files from them. i have no idea how you can do this unless the disks are amiga dos compatible anyway.
turrican 2k i had a look at the site you posted. they say only a hd installable game, which is what i said before, the disk has to be Amiga Dos compatible.

the whole thing though is not hard at all from what is described.